All universities rate application essays as either critical or vital in their confirmations procedure. A poorly executed essay can make a student get or rejected. On the other side, good quality application essays can help students with negligible scores get into the colleges they had always wanted. The tips given below will help you win huge with your essay. College essay tips and tricks Avoid the list on your application essay Applicants wrongly try to incorporate the greater part of their achievements and exercises in their application essays which would records tedious. While the most captivating and convincing essays recount a story and have an unmistakable core interest. Through precisely picked detail, your writing ought to reveal your interests and[…]

Example of a Nursing School Application Essay: Deciding one’s future and choosing one’s career path are hardly easy undertakings. To a large extent, the decisions one makes regarding career and undergraduate education, shape one’s future. Therefore, many hesitate in making their decision and betray an unwillingness to commit themselves to a specific educational, hence career, path. As far as I am concerned, however, the situation is very different as there was never any doubt in my mind that I wanted to become a nurse. This decision is based on an absolute conviction in the value of the said vocation and my belief in my own abilities to excel in it. As for my decision to apply to the B.S.N. program[…]